Big Squirt! Website Review & Ratings + Big Squirt! Coupons
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Big Squirt! Website Review & Ratings + Big Squirt! Coupons

Big Squirt! : Products & Services

Big Squirt! is a trademark of Big Squirt Inc., a renown US based company that makes and sells water toys.  The mission of the company is to make and sell water toys that stretch to the moon and back.  The company’s target is to sell 3 trillion more toys.  The leading toys of this company were invented by an aerospace engineer known as Joel M. Schafer.  The company sells a number of products including:

  • Bigsquirt water toys – These unique toys squirt water very far because they are like jet rocket engines. This popular water toy is ideal for those who love wet summer fun.  It has wet the clothes of millions of people and brought smiles to even more. 
  • SquirtGear – This is gear to be worn when playing with the water toys.  It includes Splat T-shirts among other items
  • Games – These are games that can be played by kids at home, at the water park or at the backyard party.
Big Squirt! : Company Background

Big Squirt! is a trade mark of Big Squirt Inc. a US based company that manufactures and sells water toys.  One of the popular toys sold by this company is the Bigsquirt water toy.  This company was founded in 1988 by Joel M. Schafer, an aerospace engineer who was also crazy about water and living on the beach.  The company started in the living room of a CA surf house on Hermosa Beach.  The company has experienced tremendous growth since its inception and is now an award winning incorporated company.

The offices of the company are located at 1741 Torrance Boulevard, Suite D Torrance, CA 90501, USA.  The telephone number is 310-782-8180 the fax number is 310-782-8580 and the email address is  The IP address of the company is and it is hosted in the United States.


Big Squirt! : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Big Squirt! has received numerous positive reviews from those who have bought its water toys.  Many are happy with the company’s fast delivery and the quality of the products.  However, a few customers said that some of the toys broke quickly.  Here is some feedback from customers.

  • Just as described.  However, one broke right out of package. The other four work fine.
  • I ordered them on a Friday and we were pleasantly surprised to get them on Saturday. Kids love them.
  • Fast service. One item broke quite easily but the others lasted thru the day.
  • The water weenie arrived just a couple of days, at most, after I placed the order, so I was very pleased with their promptitude--and I was able to give them as gifts to my grandchildren, who are not allowed guns in any form, before they left to go back home, so they were tickled pink to have a squirt toy that is not a gun.
  • We used to play with these as kids and now my kids can play with them. The best thing my husband had never heard of them and now loves them. They are so fun!!!"
Big Squirt! : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Big Squirt! is not registered or rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  It is therefore difficult to gauge the company’s business credibility using this criteria.  However, the company does seem to have good business credibility due to the following reasons:

  • It holds Big Squirt! Splash Awards annually.  These awards recognize outstanding accomplishments by retail merchandise groups and amusement parks.  The awards recognize achievements in success, fun, sales and marketing.  The winner gets a special million dollar sales award. 
  • The company has been covered in some major media outlets such as In Park Magazine, Aqua Magazine and Good Morning America.
  • This company is also a member of World Water Parks Association.
Big Squirt! : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Big Squirt! website is quite popular.  For instance, Alexa has given it a 3-month popularity global rank of 5,096,816.  This is quite a good rank since it is out of the 30 million domains in the world.   

According to, Big Squirt is a good SEO site with an SEO score of 28%.  Google has given it a fairly good pagerank of 3 out of 10.  The website is estimated to be worth $2214 USD.

Big Squirt! : Social Media Presence

Big Squirt! is covered in the leading social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  However, a look at it pages on social media shows that there are only a few Likes and Followers.  Below is a summary of its social media presence and links to the pages.

  • Facebook - 1,793 Likes and 5 talking about this
  • Twitter - 4 Tweets, 15 Following and 11 Followers

The company is missing from You Tube, Google+ and Pinterest and it does not operate a blog.


Big Squirt! : Website Security & Safety

Big Squirt! takes the security of its visitors and shoppers seriously.  It has therefore put a number of measures in place to ensure that the website is safe and secure.  Below are some of the security measures taken:

  • It uses a secure (https://) connection when taking payment information to prevent data theft and credit card fraud.  This is accomplished by use of the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software.  Currently, the site is a positive SSL secured website by COMODO.
  • The website also uses a firewall to prevent unlawful intrusion.

According to Google, this website is safe.Google visited the site on 22nd April, 2013 and carried out a test on 1 page.  This Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic test revealed that the page tested did not result in malicious software being installed or downloaded without the users’ content.  The site has not hosted any malware over the past 90 days.


Big Squirt! : Pricing & Packages

Big Squirt! mainly manufactures and sells the Big Squirt water toy.  Those who purchase in bulk enjoy generous discounts.  Below are the prices of the top-level packages sold by this company.

  • PartyPack - 20 Big Squirt pieces – $119.95
  • SummerFun- 10 Big Squirt pieces  – $59.95
  • WeekendFun -5 Big Squirt pieces – $29.95
  • TryItOut - 2 Big Squirt pieces – $13.95
  • MegaCase - 250 Big Squirt pieces – $1149.95
  • BirthdayParty - 10 Big Squirt pieces plus invitation postcards, party hasts, napkins, plastic plates, forks, cups and stickers - $79.95
  • SquirtGear - Splat T-shirt - $14.95

This company sells its unique water squirts at lower prices compared to what its competitors charge for similar products.  Below is a brief price comparison.

  • TryItOut - 2 Big Squirt pieces – 13.95
  • Water Blaster XLR Water Cannon –- @$19.99
  • Water Sports T1 750 Stream Machine - @$16.99
  • Swimways Flood Force Water Cannon - @$14.99
  • Super Soaker Tornado Strike - @$28.99


Big Squirt! : Shipping Rates & Policies

Big Squirt! ships products to all parts of the globe.  Processing of orders begins immediately after the successful completion of the checkout process.  The shipping rates are determined by the destination and the shipping method used.  Below are the shipping methods used by this company and the shipping rates.

USA orders

  •          United Parcel Service (UPS Ground) - $11.55
  •          United Parcel Service (UPS Next Day Air Saver) - $61.63
  •          United States Postal Service (USPS Priority Mail & Reg.) - $13.90

International Orders

  •          United States Postal Service (USPS Priority mail & Reg. International) - $64.60
Big Squirt! : Payment Methods Accepted

Big Squirt! accepts a number of payment methods on its secure and safe checkout section.  For instance, you can pay using the major credit cards such as:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Discover

The company also accepts use some of the alternative payment methods such as PayPal.  It is however to incorporate use of other convenient payment methods such as checks and money orders among others.

Big Squirt! : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Big Squirt! Is committed to making high quality products for total satisfaction of its customers.  The company does not however accept any returns.  This is because like any other toy, the Big Squirt is bound to break with time under normal use.  However, the company offers a replacement guarantee for goods that are damaged during transit. 

You could order a replacement online so long as you can provide the bar code from the packages and prove of payment with PayPal or credit card. 

You could also order a replacement through U.S. mail with proof of purchase seal from the original package.  Just send $3.95 money order or check for handling and shipping, proof of purchase seal from the original package and your name and address.  Mail the request to the mail address of the company.

If you have lost your proof of purchase or original packaging, you could request for a replacement using the company’s Replacement Request Form.

Delivery of replacement orders may take 2-3 weeks after the request is received by the company. There is no evidence showing whether this company honors its replacement guarantee.

Big Squirt! : Product images & screenshots
Big Squirt! Coupons
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